Evolution of a dSLR Photographer

Are you a photography novice? Or maybe you have experience but you don’t know how to determine the best exposure for a specific situation. dSLRs are still a wonderful camera for you.

The mid to upper end digital cameras have automatic modes where the camera controls all of its own settings. The camera’s firmware determines the scene, current lighting and distance and then calculates what the best settings are for the image it registers in the viewfinder. You don’t need to know what the shutter speed should be or which ISO is best. The camera will try to figure it out for you. Just set the camera to its intelligent automatic or one of its predefined scene modes and point and shoot. Just that easy.

Or maybe you know your way around the camera and want to co-own the camera setting responsibility with the camera. You can choose one of the semi-automatic modes (P, S, A) where the camera determines some of its settings and you determine the rest. This starts your ability in determining the image outcome, which might not be the camera’s choices but one where you can create an image with a mood or specific lighting.

Of course, you can have all the fun and manually take full control and test your photography expertise to create a quality, exciting image.

How you use your camera doesn’t have to be determined by your level of expertise. Experimenting can reward you with wonderfully captured images. Isn’t technology great!


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  1. charmel@nyc.rr.com' Courtney Harmel says:

    I purchased a copy of the manual you produced for the GH2. It’s a great guide and I also printed out the guide to all the menus you put online. If you have done or are doing an update of the video and other features enhanced by the 1.1 firmware upgrade I’d appreciate you letting me know and where I can get the information. Thanks for producing this book!

    Best Regards,

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