Vista Focus - Moro Bay California

Moro Bay, California

The Urban Outdoors Observation

The majority of us do not live where we can readily see the wonders of the outdoors. We live in the big city or its suburbs where many of nature’s creatures have been supplanted by dogs and cats, groves of trees replaced by buildings, and where diversity is overcome by conformity.

The key for studying wild creatures in the urban outdoor environment is to concentrate on the smaller variety that have adapted to man’s environment. These can be as large as coyotes–but more often they are smaller, such as squirrels, opossums, and birds that occupy smaller ecological niches.

Vista Focus - Sparrow photographed with Telescopic Lens

Sparrow photographed with Telescopic Lens

It is still possible to observe the larger animals and plants–it may require a drive to the local zoo or botanical garden, but at least one can renew their acquaintance with nature with these little jaunts.

Exploring, seeing, and studying all life can bring a sense of peace and tranquility as well as wonderment. One only has to learn to see and observe.

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